Basking Ridge in Revolutionary Days

Passages from the memoir of Eliza Susan Morton Quincy (d. 1850) were reprinted in this memorable booklet by the Basking Ridge Historical Society (now The Historical Society of the Somerset Hills) for Bernards Township’s 200th anniversary in 1960.  Eliza’s father, John Morton, brought his family to Basking Ridge in 1776 from New York City to

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Somerset Hills Peaches, 1886

Peaches became a major cash crop in the Somerset Hills during the late 19th century. Farmers gained new markets with the arrival of the New Jersey West Line Railroad in Bernardsville (1872) and the Rockaway Valley Railroad in Pottersville and Gladstone (1889-90).  Railroads were used to ship peaches and other commodities to cities all along

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Sanborn Insurance Maps

Sanborn Fire Insurance maps provide a treasure trove of local historical information and may be accessed free on the Library of Congress website. Originally created to allow fire insurance companies to underwrite properties, the maps provide detailed historical views of many cities and towns. Olcott Square, Bernardsville, is shown on this 1909 map. There

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Belcher Family

UPDATE Oct. 27, 2023: Descendant Found! A friend spotted this lost family on the discard pile after the VNA Rummage Sale in Far Hills.  On the back, the photo is identified as the family of Malcolm Belcher (1887-1987),  who was the longest serving mayor of Far Hills (1938-1965).  The fairgrounds in Far Hills is named

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Oak Stump Corner 1907

This 1907 photo shows the intersection of Mount Airy (Bernardsville Rd) and West Oak Street (Oak Stump Road).  It appears to be taken from the Bernardsville side of the intersection where 161 Mount Airy now stands and shows (center) the old traffic triangle.  More on the history of this intersection can be found in the

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