Lyons Train Station

Lyons became a stop on the New Jersey West Line railroad (now NJ Transit) when the line was extended to Bernardsville in 1872.  In 1906, the station was a flag stop, meaning trains stopped only on a signal.  In 1910, in the case of William J. Kearns et al.  vs. The Lackawanna, the NJ Board

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Maple Avenue School Pennant

This red and white pennant from Maple Avenue School in Basking Ridge dates probably to 1948-1969.      Maple Avenue School, also known as Basking Ridge School, was built in 1903 to replace the Brick Academy and Franklin Corners School.   In 1939, it was closed after the new Oak Street School was built.  Bernards Township planned

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Bedminster Inn Matchbox

A matchbox from the Bedminster Inn on Main Street (Route 202) in Bedminster, NJ.   The box pre-dates 1989 when area code 908 replaced 201.  After the Bedminster Inn, the restaurant became Willie’s Taverne and then Delicious Heights.

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The History of Meeker Road

Meeker Road is generally straight, running from Route 202 in Bernardsville to Whitenack Road in Bernards Township, but the story of the street’s name took some twists and turns.  The Simpson family lived on the road in the 1850s and at some point it was called Saunders Road, apparently after another family. In 1872, Stephen

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Malcolm Forbes, Fr. Draus, and the 1950 Census

Have you found yourself, parents, or grandparents on the 1950 U.S. Census?  The National Archives made this census public on April 1, 2022, and you can search for people by name after registering for a free ID at:  The 1950 Census provides a wealth of information on individuals—famous and not-so-famous—and the neighborhoods they lived

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Classic Christmas Card

Often, Christmas cards are discarded after the holidays, but this classic from the THSSH Archives contains many clues to local history.  The card was sent to Madeline Koechlein (c.1905-1991) of Liberty Corner, NJ, by her Aunt Mattie (probably Martha E. Boyle Fenner of Peapack).  Although not postmarked, the card probably dates to around 1910.  The

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Bernardsville Beer Bottle

THSSH now has an Otto Heizmann beer bottle to go with our Heizmann whisky jug.  From previous research on Otto Heizmann (1879-1936), we were able to date both the bottle and jug to around 1911-1913.  Otto was born in Switzerland and by the 1910 U.S. Census was a wholesale liquor dealer living in Stirling, Morris

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Revolutionary Quiz

Everyone knows General Charles Lee was captured in Basking Ridge during the Revolutionary War, but who was his second in command?  In 1776, American General Charles Lee was taking his time moving his division across New Jersey to join the main army of George Washington, who he resented serving under.  Lee stayed too long at

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Bicycle Repair

If your bicycle broke down in Basking Ridge or Bernardsville in the 1960s, you would patch it together as best you could and pedal over to Whitenack Road. There Alan H. Jaquish (1925-2008) had a barn full of recycled bicycles and parts. Usually, he had the part you needed. During the 1970s, Jaquish went on

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Our Lady of Perpetual Help

The Rectory and Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Bernardsville around 1905. The Rev. Joseph A. Ryan (1870-1929) served as the first pastor (1898-1914), at first without a church. Services were held initially at the Somerset Inn on Mendham Road. The church opened its doors in 1900 with major support from

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  1. Hi Joseph, Maybe they were standard in Jersey City, but these were tiny for Bernards Twp. I’ve always heard them…

  2. Not sure where you got your information about "picnic" lots, but a 25' x 100' lot was a standard size…

  3. The trust bought the open land (athletic fields and woodland). The site of the buildings was sold to a developer.

  4. I hope the open space will still be preserved. Did the trust own the mansion when it was demolished?