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H. W. Alward, Inc.

The intersection of Pill Hill Road and Mount Airy was once called Oak Stump Corner and has a rich history. [1]   On the northwest corner in Bernardsville was the long-time home of the H. W. Alward construction company.  Founded by Henry W. Alward (1905-1971), the company provided employment for many in the area, and its

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The Strange History of Stonemere

Many estates in the Somerset Hills were grander, but few had as colorful a history as Bernardsville’s Stonemere. The mansion was built around 1905 for James E. Hulshizer (1869-1921) of Jersey City, president of the New Jersey Title Guarantee and Trust Company.  Hulshizer and his family vacationed at the Somerset Inn on Mendham Road north

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  1. The 1889 edition is can also be downloaded from the Internet Archive and from Google Books. The Bernardsville Library local…

  2. Roy such an interesting article. I didn't know anything about Stonemere. Many of the mansions on the Bernards Mountain had…

  3. Too bad it happened well before the bicentennial. It might have been saved 6 or 8 years later!

  4. My family lived in the Old Pottersville Hotel in the late 60’s before Southfield Drive was built. Large pieces of…