H. W. Alward, Inc.

The intersection of Pill Hill Road and Mount Airy was once called Oak Stump Corner and has a rich history. [1]   On the northwest corner in Bernardsville was the long-time home of the H. W. Alward construction company.  Founded by Henry W. Alward (1905-1971), the company provided employment for many in the area, and its

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More Revolutionary Spies

Did you enjoy the THSSH February program on Revolutionary Spies?  Our speaker, Damien Cregeau, was recently interviewed by Revolution 250 and provided more insights on the subject including on the Mersereau Ring of New Brunswick.  If you missed Damien in February or just want to hear more on Revolutionary espionage, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this

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David Dumont

This 1899 letterhead from David Dumont (1863-1909) shows the account of Charles Bird of Liberty Corner. When the railroad reached Far Hills in 1890, David Dumont quit farming and became a dealer in coal and lumber. In 1899, Dumont and Evander Schley divided up Dumont’s old farm into lots for what became the village of

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Reuben Freeman of Liberty Corner

Read about Reuben Freeman, a 19th-century African-American resident of Liberty Corner in the May 2024 issue of the THSSH newsletter. Born free of slave parents, Reuben was required by law to serve the Annin family for 25 years. Click the link below and scroll to Page 3 to read full article.

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Pottersville’s Lower Mill

The Lower Mill stood along the Lamington River in what is now Pottersville’s Historic District. The building dated from around 1842 and produced flour till 1915. By the late 20th century, the building was deteriorating and was torn down in 1972. The machinery was saved and used to restore the Cooper Mill in Chester Township.

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Early History of Maple Avenue School

Bernards Township teacher Louise M. Flint compiled a scrapbook during the 1930s and 1940s that looked back at the early history of Maple Avenue School, or Basking Ridge School as it was called.    Mrs. Flint credited Mrs. Fred Kampmier, Sr., with giving her the following early facts and construction photos. Basking Ridge School – Maple

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The Story of an Old Farm

Bedminster Book Review: “The Story of an Old Farm” by Andrew D. Mellick is an unassuming title for one of the best history books ever written about New Jersey in colonial and Revolutionary times. The story centers on the farm and modest farmhouse built in 1751 in the heart of Bedminster. Originally published in 1889. 

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The Strange History of Stonemere

Many estates in the Somerset Hills were grander, but few had as colorful a history as Bernardsville’s Stonemere. The mansion was built around 1905 for James E. Hulshizer (1869-1921) of Jersey City, president of the New Jersey Title Guarantee and Trust Company.  Hulshizer and his family vacationed at the Somerset Inn on Mendham Road north

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Card House

Basking Ridge lost a treasure when Interstate 287 came through the Somerset Hills.  The Card House, dating to colonial times, stood on the north side of West Oak St., just to the east of Harrison’s Brook.  In the early 1800s it was home to the family of Daniel Henry (1774-1850).   Later occupants were the Card

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Rockaway Valley Railroad

Construction of the Rockaway Valley Railroad, which crossed the Somerset Hills, concluded in 1892, and the route remained in service until 1914. Predominantly used to transport peaches, the railroad struggled financially from its inception due to the unreliability of peaches and the lack of major city connections. A peach blight actually occurred soon after the

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