Bedminster Reformed Church

The Bedminster Reformed Church was organized in 1758 and built three churches during its history. The second (photo left) was a wooden structure built in 1818. It stood facing south in the old cemetery on Route 202-206. After a new church was built on Main Street in Bedminster village in 1897 (currently Grace Chapel), the old church was sold. The structure was destroyed in a windstorm in 1898 before it could be moved.

Andrew D. Mellick, in his classic The Story of an Old Farm (1889), describes attending this church as a youngster in the 1850s:

“At the next turn in the road we are suddenly confronted by the venerable church of Bedminster…. It is an oblong wooden structure painted white, with green blinds covering its double rows of square capped windows, and with an octagonal tower which supports a round-topped cupola.”

Mellick’s full description can be read on pages 5-8 of The Story of an Old Farm:


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