Early American Schoolhouse

Date: October 17, 2022
Time: 2:00 pm

Somerset Hills elementary grade students will be immersed in our Early American Schoolhouse program, discovering what it was like to attend a typical one-room schoolhouse in the mid-1800s.  Young students role play by arriving at the Brick Academy with such ‘school supplies’ as water buckets, fire logs for the potbelly stove, study books, and writing slates.  Pupils sitting at period desks will learn the lessons taught in school and compare the classroom rules for students then and now.  The classroom experience is followed by a hands-on educational session engaging visiting students to learn about local history with additional fun activities including an American craft, museum scavenger hunt, and word search puzzles. 

Offered at the Brick Academy to 3rd grade teachers in the Somerset Hills.
Sue Zibelli, Chairman