Basking Ridge Oak Tree Acorn Ornament

February 8, 2024

An opportunity to receive a limited edition keepsake is yours – when you support the Historic Cemetery and Oak Tree Funds.

Each $50 donation will receive a thank you gift of a commemorative life-size white oak acorn ornament, crafted from the wood of the historic Basking Ridge Oak tree.

For their donation, The Historical Society of the Somerset Hills received an acorn representing the year 1492 of the Great Oak tree.

Your donations support care and restoration of the Historic Cemetery which is recorded in both State and National Historic Places Registers. This fund also provides for the young Oak Tree, ensuring this Great Oak offspring has the opportunity to be a presence in our community for future generations to enjoy.

Donations (cash or check) can be made and ornaments received at the Church House of the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church. The church offices are open Monday–Thursday 9 am – 4 pm, closed Fridays.