Bernardsville Beer Bottle

THSSH now has an Otto Heizmann beer bottle to go with our Heizmann whisky jug. 

Heizmann beer bottle. Click to enlarge.

From previous research on Otto Heizmann (1879-1936), we were able to date both the bottle and jug to around 1911-1913.  Otto was born in Switzerland and by the 1910 U.S. Census was a wholesale liquor dealer living in Stirling, Morris Co., NJ.  In December 1911, Heizmann received a wholesale liquor license from Somerset County, confirming a move to Bernardsville.   Around 1913, Otto and his family moved back to Switzerland where his son, Bernard, was born 13 July 1914.   The family returned to the U.S. by the 1930 Census, which shows Otto living in Syracuse, NY.

The beer bottle, with the distinctive OH logo, was found near Post Kennel Road in Bernardsville and donated to the Society by Peter Van Slyke. 

Heizmann whiskey jug.


    1. More like his son Bernard was perhaps named after Bernardsville. The name Bernardsville dates to around 1840 when the village changed its name from Vealtown.

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